Update March 2021

Cant stop tinkering in my retirement....but just had to post this as this is the best wand yet!

This wand is for experienced users only. It is not ergonomic and is not the easiest to set up....but once it's done, you don't have to touch it. The reward is the best sounding Terminator yet!

Cartridge head-shell and counterweight are both totally suspended on EPDM O-rings set on TwinCarbon rails. This further isolates and extracts even more detail from the record grooves. Well worthwhile. Us vinyl enthusiasts understand that isolation and vibration control has a direct effect on the sound we hear. Considering the stylus is designed to amplify the information contained in the record grooves 100k times, and extraneous vibes reaching the stylus will also be amplified. Other manufacturers have come up with their own solution to decouple the cartridge from the tonearm, such as Len Gregory's (RIP) Isolator and Funk Firm's Houdini. This wand takes it a step further using rubber O-ring suspension to decouple both the headshell and counterweight. 

Together with the Isoplatter & foam motor pod the effect is dramatic with no noise between tracks or run-out grooves. Bass has become more controlled and detailed. Soundstage width, separation & focus have all improved. Midrange detail, space & clarity all improved. No sure I can notice treble improvement as my ears pretty shot above 12k, but I hardly think this mod will be detrimental and I have not heard negative feedback from consumers.

Only caveat is the cue bar needs to be swapped over with new one provided. Only one screw so is easy! The other issue I will point out is setting up the wand is not for beginners. First off, getting the stylus length right and setting the VTF requires some fettling sliding the headshell/counterweight along the rails via the rubber O-rings in a hit or miss fashion. It is very rewarding though once you hit the right spot......and once its done, you can forget it. Extreme adjustments can be done.....for instance if the wand is too sliding the rails along the metal carrier. The counterweight is provided with additional washers to compensate.

Rubber isolation consists of a pair of O-rings.  4 arrangements are possible by positioning the headshell ABOVE, BELOW, or LEVEL with the side rails.

The rubber O-rings are high quality EPDM rubber so should be resistant to cracking or perishing. Nevertheless, this is a new venture and it is recommended to keep an eye on them. A spare set will be included and they are easy to find. The size is 19mm ID x 1.5mm XS.

Cost for wand £150 which includes the replacement cue bar. 

I can make a Copper Litz harness with Molex connector for extra £30.

Shipping at cost.

If anyone is interested please email me direct :