Inspired by Terminator Suspended Wand, I ventured to make a version for a pivot arm whereby the cartridge is isolated from the tonearm by O-rings. This is currently undergoing testing so will be released if successful!

Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 6mm

Weight: 3.6g

Top & bottom plates are threaded so no need to use nuts. However, a spare pair of unthreaded countersunk holes are provided to use with threaded cartridges. A selection of hardware will be included.

I have recognised that many enthusiasts might not like the idea of suspending their precious cartridge on O-rings, so have taken the precaution of doubling the number of O-rings.  Should one break, the cartridge will be retained by the other. Also, have avoided the 'nitrile' rings. My experience with these is they tend to deteriorate with time, quite quickly in some cases, and need to be replaced regularly. I have done some research, and discovered that silicone rubber is much less prone to drying out & disintegrating, so have chosen this material for the Iso-ring and doubled up on them. They are also under very little tension, so anticipate them lasting a very long time.

In case they need changing, you will be supplied with spares (10mm ID x 1mmC/S). Replacement procedure below:

Instructions to replace O-rings below.