The last year my speaker stands have undergone a few mods. The original brief was to hang the clamshell woofer arrangement by the magnets hammock style, the rational being to reduce the vibrations getting into the frame. It was quite effective in this regard.

I lived with this arrangement for years. Then when I replaced the Open Baffle top speakers for boxed bookshelf, I lowered the crossover point from 250hz to 60hz and decided to couple to the floor using rigid stands. I used a 'cradle frame' arrangement for this, still using the metal scaffold arrangement:

This brought my wooden floor into play and became seismic with low bass frequencies, so much so I had to rebalance the bass volume by a couple of notches.

My latest iteration was to get rid of the metal frame completely and use the clamshell assembly on its own as a stand to support the bookshelf speakers. I just needed to keeps the woofers stable on the floor below the chassis  and incorporate a shelf above the chassis. I did this using some 40mm hardwood kitchen worktop cut to shape and bolted to the original holes in the chassis:

.....and final result:

Bass with this method was not as seismic as with the metal frames so I could increase bass by a notch. I think the balance with the floor is more controlled now.
The stand is very stable, but with all the floor couples stands, the bases need to be stuck to the floor or else the stands tend to wander. I just used some double sided carpet tape and this seems to be effective.