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Home of the Terminator Tonearm


Ideal for tonearm re-wireing. This material is friendly to work with, very strong, yet supple.

Consists of 30 strands of .04mm copper wrapped in silk thread.

It is easily colour coded using felt tipped pens & takes readily to solder.
The best way to tin the ends is to use a hot iron (over 400 degrees) & run the wire tip thru a bead of molten solder. This will burn off the silk, fuse it so it wont unravel, & tin the copper at the same time.

Alternatively, strip the silk off by pinching & pulling with a small piece of folded fine emery paper. Twist the strands together & tin with hot soldering iron.The enamel will burn off & the silk fuse so it wont unravel.

I have tried all sorts of tonearm wires & found this the easiest to work with giving the most consistent results. I found the plastic coated Cardas type stuff hard to strip , & tinning the wire left a messy end to the insulation which does not withstand the heat.

Testimonial  from recent ebay purchaser....... against original internal wires the sound is more controlled on the top, ridiculous highs I didn't know were there. The mid is nicely projected and bass extension is excellent.