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New Tomahawk 2 FH (Fixed Head) Introduced Oct 2013

Wand Features:

  • Flat Aluminium profile combining bearing & wand tube in one
  • Easier setup to adjust wand length via headshell instead of pivot
  • Ultra light-weight design
  • New Twin-Point pivot vertical bearing
  • Brass counterweight assembly with coarse & fine adjustment
  • User replaceable wiring harness, including 99.99% (4N) pure silver shielded wire straight to phono-stage option (scroll down)

All these features bring sound quality to a new level of performance. Fully retrofittable to T3Pro.

This replaces the Tomahawk 2 Sliding Head (SH) design & framework only available for £30. This is a sonic improvement over the SH

design, especially when kitted out with the brass updates:

See update page

Sliding head vs Fixed head.

FH kitted out with brass pivot weights & stacked counterweights

Prototype FH in operation

You Tube Video


Clive Meakins: Just when I thought the Terminator couldn't get any better you sneak out the Tomahawk wand. The improvements are very worthwhile and should be clear to hear in any half decent system.  There's extra detail and insight into the music, improved soundstaging and even better separation than with the carbon fibre wands.  Bass texture is taken yet another notch or even two upwards.

 David G: After more listening this morning, I gotta say how great the wand sounds!  There is more clarity, purity, fullness, soundstage.

Harry J. : What can I say? Did not yet adjust my Colibri to perfection with the tomahawk but me and my wife are overwhelmed by the improvement.All exaggerration is gone and replaced by naturalness. The bite of the the violin I am hearingright now is incredible and trackebility unmatched.Playing at 0.9 gram with the Colibri no problem. The space I hear was not there before. Analog is still unmatched by anything. I do not think I am goingto see my bedfor a couple of hours. I have got the Tomahawk for my birthday, best present I have got in years. Thank you very much for this incredible improvement

Adam P.: Sound is more cohesive, more clarified, and more detailed. Brill!

Joe: vic, i took the tomahawk and axed the carbon fibre wand in two, its that good!! 

Now I am listening to the tomohawk and the Benz Micro Glider SL. What a geat sounding combination.
 The Benz Micro Glider SL sounds certainly better with the tomahawk than with the original wand.
 I suspect the tomahawk is lighter and therefore a better match for the relatively high compliance Benz cartridge.
 Anyway, I am listening to a pristine old record from July Driscoll and Brian Auger & Trinity - just great.
Many thanks Vic for this great wand.

 R.M: I installed the headshell last night and all I can say is Holy Crap! I cannot believe the difference.In my 
rig it improveson the pacing, dynamics are downright scary and there is nothing I've played yet that can rattle it.
Complete control of everything no matter how complex or intense. I was absolutely in love with the original but
this has taken it to another level all together. I truly wish you the best of luck marketing this product.
I thinkit's one of the best deals in Audio right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you kind sir!

Peter G: Hi Vic, not sure how you manage it - but another vast improvement on the arm. There's even more detail.
 Less background hash. It's even more musical - with more differentiation of notes, harmonies,
 drum inflections etc.Fantastic. You've set the bar so high now - I wonder where the next improvement can come from.

Andy P:
I have read other peoples reviews of the new wand and being a middleaged cynical git I was expecting
 mild improvements. Having now had a decent listen I reckon the difference between the old and the new in
 terms clarity,focus and detail is in the "very substantial to mind boggling" range and is like changing
from a cheap cartridge to to a very very expensive one.

Pricing Options
100GBP wand only
120GBP wand + Copper Litz - Molex Connector
130GBP wand + 4N Silver shielded wire - Molex Connector
140GBP wand + 60cm length 4N Silver shielded wire- RCA connector's straight to phono
145GBP wand + 90cm length 4N Silver shielded wire- RCA connector's straight to phono
150GBP wand + 120cm length 4N Silver shielded wire- RCA connector's straight to phono
155GBP wand + 150cm length 4N Silver shielded wire- RCA connector's straight to phono
170GBP wand + 4x90cm length fully balanced 4N Silver shielded wire- XLR connector's straight to phono
180GBP wand + 4x120cm length fully balanced 4N Silver shielded wire- XLR connector's straight to phono
190GBP wand + 4x150cm length fully balanced 4N Silver shielded wire- XLR connector's straight to phono
(Note: resistance on this length of cable is 5ohms which may affect low impedance MC cartridges)
Other connectors available on request, eg Eichmann Copper Bullets 25GBP
To Order, please submit form below pictures.



December 2016

I am on my last few strands of 4N silver co-ax wire. For some reason my regular supplier can no longer get hold of it, and I have spent hours browsing the internet to find further stock, but to no avail…….

My only option is to return to my standard original configuration of the copper Litz wire/molex connector + RCA block. I use the copper Litz myself in my system as it synergises better, although I realise all systems are different.

May I remind prospective clients the reasons I use Litz:

 1) A multi stranded cable (Litz) has better high frequency properties, due to the skin effect, where electrons travel along the skin of the wire. A Litz cable has a higher surface, and for that reason will give better conductance at high frequencies.  It is a "must" in high frequency technology, but many Audio experts prefer Litz  wire also. 

2) It  will not break easy, when flexed very often. 

If, however, you are against the use of copper in your system, I can supply a harness free wand together with all the components you need to make your own harness. I would offer to do this myself, but have found most silver wire hard to work with, and it took me a long time to master the co-ax silver cable I was using.

Order Form

Note that all countries outside the EU may subject a customs charge for goods that are imported from overseas and that this is beyond my control. Please factor this in before you place an order.

Please follow up form submission with an email to confirm.

Note: Harness lengths relate to the distance between the cartridge tag to connector. You need to allow 30cm necessary for dressing. So with a 60cm length, your phono stage would need to be within 30cm of Terminator. Please contact me as I can adjust length to suit your requirements.

Tomahawk Wand Fixed Head

Copper Litz / Molex

4N Silver / Molex

4N Silver / RCA

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