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T3 Pro Picture update 2014

Note: brass weights on the headshell are just to balance the wand for photographs


The  T3 Pro basic cost is  800 GBP + postage at cost. This includes the Standard Tomahawk with copper Litz wiring/Molex connector, pump, smoothing tank, 5m of hose & relevant fittings.

Overseas buyers may wish to save on shipping costs by purchasing the pump & tank in their own country which saves £30.(see below)

Optional Digital VTA display 40 GBP

. Shipping is approximately 25-30GBP by Royal Mail AIRSURE Service without tank & pump, but this could double if included.

 There is a section in the latter half of the manual explaining how to make the air supply & I am always around to provide support.


Overseas payments can be made preferably by Bank Transfer & must be in GBP due to currency fluctuations. Any method used for International Money Transfers will incur a charge which you will have to bear. By agreement, PAYPAL is another option but this incurs a 3.5% commission charge.


Important Note 2016:
Lately I have had a spate of order forms submitted by individuals I have never corresponded with.
I need to point out it is very rare that I have Terminators in stock. These are made to order. The form below should be submitted AFTER prospective clients have entered into a dialogue with myself via email. If no dialogue has been established and a form is Submitted IT WILL BE IGNORED.
Emails will also be ignored if they enquire about price. Its all on here as transparent as can be. If there is something you are unclear about please email me.

If you wish to order submit the order form below.

Note: use this form only for a firm order. If you are unsure of the cost or have other queries, email me. Boxes denoted with the  *  need to be filled in. If you don't know the measurement, put N/A.

Be aware all countries outside the EU may subject a customs charge for goods that are imported from overseas and that this is beyond my control. Please factor this in before you place an order.

December 2016:

I am on my last few strands of 4N silver co-ax wire. For some reason my regular supplier can no longer get hold of it, and I have spent hours browsing the internet to find further stock, but to no avail…….

My only option is to return to my standard original configuration of the copper Litz wire/molex connector + RCA block. I use the copper Litz myself in my system as it synergises better, although I realise all systems are different.

May I remind prospective clients the reasons I use Litz:

 1) A multi stranded cable (Litz) has better high frequency properties, due to the skin effect, where electrons travel along the skin of the wire. A Litz cable has a higher surface, and for that reason will give better conductance at high frequencies.  It is a "must" in high frequency technology, but many Audio experts prefer Litz  wire also. 

2) It  will not break easy, when flexed very often. 

If, however, you are against the use of copper in your system, I can supply a harness free wand together with all the components you need to make your own harness. I would offer to do this myself, but have found most silver wire hard to work with, and it took me a long time to master the co-ax silver cable I was using.

Please follow up order with an email to

[email protected]

to confirm submission.

Air Pump/Tank

Hose Adaptor Kit

Tomahawk Wand Nylon Points Stacked Counterweights

RCA Connector Block

VTA Display

Platter Height/Thickness of Plinth

Measurement A/B, Mounting Hole Diameter

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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