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October 2016: Sold my last  Salvation this month. With regret,  I have no more parts to make any more and my regular machinist has retired. Not sure I have the motivation to find another machinist and teach him what is necessary to produce a I have suspended production.

Information will remain on my website for reference. Terminator production will cease 2018.

If anyone is interested in taking over the project, please contact me. The turntable is unique in its inception and  performance.


Introducing new magnetic bearing platter

(more details here).

This is retrofittable to older Salvation versions.

Salvation 2 in operation Video

(takes a few minutes to load)

Note: dust brush non-standard


  • Slate plinth (45mm thick from reclaimed pool tables)
  • Redesigned tapered 9kg Wide rim Aluminium platter. 
  • Inverted bearing, Magnetic levitation. More here:
  • Resomat
  • Direct Rim-drive/DC motor
  • Interchangeable Drive Wheels for 33,45 & 78rpm 
  • Variable Rotary fine speed adjustment control

Pics of Acrylic platter version HERE

The Acrylic version differs only in the platter & having a thinner slate plinth. There is also a small notch cut out of the plinth to allow the motor to reach the platter.  Other than that, the motor & powersupply are interchangeable.


Price with T3Pro:

Acrylic platter £1900 (Magnetic bearing. Thrust plate/ball still available)

Aluminium platter  £2500 (Magnetic BEARING. Thrust plate/ball still available)

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31.5.11 Hong Kong

Hello Vic,
Finally the Salvation and Terminator had settled down. It’s now on a heavy Mapleshade 4 inches thick block with all three spikes on Weizhi Precision's graphite composite support of which I found them to be more lively and warmer sounding.

I also found the Oyadie record clamp to be a perfect match to the rim drive. I am using an old but very light weight Monster Audio Sigma 2000 cartridge of which adjusting the balancing is a bit touch on the Tomahawk.

Beside all the troubles I need to go though like boxing the pump and fine adjusting the arm, The Salvation/ Terminator is one of the very top performer at any price.

Please let me know if there is any upgrade along the road, I sure would support your great effort in vinyl all the way!


28.05.11 UK

Hi Vic,
I have managed to drop the noise floor on the turntable again by feeding the 4amp transformer for the motor from an old psu I had for ac synchronous motors. This I have adjusted to feed a perfect 50Hz 230v to the transformer. This leaves the motor control untouched apart from the quality of the supply. Rock solid performance.
The second is that I have connected up the Dynavector cartridge for the first time.
result. Simple.
Best tonearm / turntable combination that I have ever used.
Kind Regards

9.10.11 Switzerland
Hello Vic,

I just wanted to let you know that I've finally set up my
salvation/terminator and soundsmith cart last week for the first time.
Unfortunately there was no time before to get things going and I
thought that it would take a lot of time to get accustomed to the
terminator setup for the first time.

Big mistake: Terminator setup proofed to be quite easy although I was
really careful not to spoil my new soundsmith aida cart. It was the
first time for me to set up an tangential arm. Setup of salvation is
also very easy. By the way: thank you for the good online manual, if
you follow the steps there is no room for mistakes and frustration. I
think that terminator setup is for beginners as long as they stick to
your manual.

First impressions are overwhelming. Salvation holds speed perfectly.
Although I have to play and tweek with tomahawk and cart a little bit
more I can say that the system is very strong on dynamics and extracts
lots and lots of information. Bass is deep with lots of pressure but
not bloated at all. As my records are not often "shaded dog"-quality
types I was curious how the system would sound with vinyl of minor
quality. I honestly have to say that I've never heared a deck pulling
so much information from a "black" background even with bad records.

Thank you very much for ending my search. Now I will start finetuning
the system....

Kind regards, Christian