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.............My ultimate journey over the years with various turntables which ultimately lead to Salvation


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This deck represents the culmination of all I have learned after the experiences described in the decks below. There is no doubt in my mind of the superiority of the idler drive system over belt drive. The Lenco's & Garrards use heavy AC motors which are inherently noisy. The Verus motor retains the pace, dynamics & magic of idler drive, but with none of the vibes!




Identical in construction to the Orberus, but using Lenco components making a great value-for-money turntable.




This was my main turntable for a while, & it has seen a few changes over the decade I have owned it. The Pedersen mod eliminated the springy suspension & brought the performance to a new level!



For ever in a tweaking mood I became bored with the deck after a few years & decided to do something radical. I changed the motor for an Advanced OL version, having had good experiences with this motor on a previous Logic deck. The expertise gained from making wooden plinths for my 401'a & Lencos was used to give the Gyro the same treatment. I wanted to eliminate the rubber suspension in favour of something solid & a ball bearings suspension, which had given me great results. 

My Own



These turntables are a more recent adventure. Having read such wonderful things about them, I decided to take the plunge! I must admit I was initially startled by the timing & pace of these decks. They sadly superceded the performance of my modified Gyro, but could not match the silence of belt drive!

Plinth 1

Plinth 2



The Lencos are so simple in comparison to the Garrards & they work beautifully well. They settle down quickly in terms of speed stability & although the motor is smaller than the Garrard it seems torquier. They are also quieter than the Garrards. My No1 turntable, the Gyrodeck, has now been replaced by the idler drive Lenco-burger!




Lencoblerone 1

Lencoblerone 2

Lenco-burger Belt

Lenco-burger Idler

Lenco-burger DC Motor