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After hearing my friends traditional idler drive in comparison with my belt drive, we both agreed the idler system was superior in controlling the bass, & having more pace & dynamics. I figured it wouldnt be too hard to add an idler to my deck.

At the same time, I was aware that turning the Lenco motor upright may be detrimental as all the weight was falling on the spindle end, which had no proper thrust plate. To this end I added a thick plate made from very hard aluminised bronze bar. It will take a while to chew through this:

I also worked out a way to add the idler wheel:

The height can be adjusted by screwing the idler arm in & out of the aluminium block. Fine speed adjustment can be obtained in this way.

The lever at the top of the motor is a handle to move the motor to engage & disengage the idler. A magnet was connected to the motor chassis to hold the motor/idler away from the platter when its not in operation. Very simple & works really well!

Here we have the completed deck. The platter, by the way, is off a G99.

I have had alot of fun experimenting with these decks. Altho unconventional, discarding the Lenco base plate & moving the motor frees up & simplifies plinth design. Your only limitation now is your imagination!