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Here I decided on a radical design modification to the standard Lenco.Taking a page out of the Gyro saga, I decided to try to belt drive the Lenco. For this to be done, the motor had to be removed & run upright. I didnt know if the speed would be correct, so conducted a simple experiment:

The good news way there was plenty of speed here. I then had to machine the motor spindle to the right diameter to get 33rpm. This was to be a one speed machine as I never play 45's or 78's.

Turns out a diameter of 6.15mm gave the exact speed!

I then set about designing a plinth. I figured I would mount the motor directly to the main plinth with the Platter on a sub-plinth isolated by squashballs. I would use a triangular theme: the problem with hard mounting the Lenco motor directly to the plinth meant it acted like a soundboard & amplified the motor's vibration unacceptably.

A radical rethink was needed. This was what I came up with: 

Some brass rods were machined  as shown to fit where the original lenco springs resided. The whole motor was suspended on O-rings, then mounted to the plinth:

This arrangement was so quiet, when I first plugged the motor in, I had to look at the rotor to make sure it was spinning!

The final deck looked like this, & in this configuration, it was certainly a match for my a fraction of the cost!

See how this deck evolved to the Lencoberone 2!