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Very proud of this update...The IsoPlatter. As we all know, with analogue turntables, isolation is everything. As the name suggests, this is a platter add-on which totally isolates the record from the platter, plinth and everything the TT sits on. Took me a while to figure this out. Most TT mats claim some sort of isolation, including Resomat......but this can never be complete because the record remains in contact with the platter spindle. In fact, some systems go out of the way to firmly clamp the record to the spindle making sure the vibes get transferred.

Isoplatter consists of a sandwich of 3mm acrylic mats with a foam filling. The bottom mat is in contact with the platter & spindle, but the top one is isolated by foam discs, including the spindle, which is false!

Effect of this update is like hearing the record for the first time, with no rumble or noise between tracks. Together with my Parks Audio Puffin phono stage & new Twin Rail wand update, the silence between tracks is eerie, close to a CD but with a bit more hiss from the vinyl roar.

Cost for this update is £120 + shipping. This includes the mounting column riser for Terminator owners to accommodate the extra height.

IsoPlatter Update Feb 2023

This has now been simplified with the use of a single piece of stiff foam combining the cones from Resomat.
The records sits totally isolated from platter on the Foam Base / Resomat cones, and isolated from the spindle with the construction of a false spindle.

The height of the IsoPlatter varies between 15-20mm, depending on the turntable spindle height, so the tonearm needs to be raised accordingly. If some sort of isolating material can be used to do this, all the better.
With my Terminator which runs on a cushion of air, the effect is uncannily quiet like a CD with total silence between tracks!