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I thank HFW for this review but need to comment on a few issues. See below after article.

Trans-fi Audio Comments

I am generally pleased with this review, but feel Terminator had not been set up to extract its maximum performance.

The critisisms addressed to the soundstage & soft bass are a direct result of an improvised lash-up Adam chose to base this review on. The mounting column is one of the critical parts of installation, & experiments I have done using different materials shows this can dramatically affect the sound. Also, the pump used in this review was left over from the old Evolution review, & was set up for that arm. Terminator uses a much more efficient air-bearing, & therefore requires much less air flow. The pump should have been set to minimum, or a smaller pump used, & failure to do so would have created too large an air cushion which will have been detrimental to performance.

I think its most unfair of Adam Smith to point out that Terminator ‘conforms to no standard mounting pattern’. With the experience gained from the old EVO, I have gone out of my way to perfect the mounting system so that it conforms to EVERY mounting pattern. The problem here was that Adam Smith was incommunicado (despite my attempts at emailing him & head office several times) while ordering, setting up & reviewing Terminator. I got an email out of the blue back in March saying could I bring Terminator down to head office the following week for photographs, but no information on what deck it was to go on was supplied. I knew he had a slatedeck Garrard 301, so I provided him with a mounting adaptor to suit this particular  deck & a common Rega fitting, which was obviously incorrect. Had he bothered to contact me, I could have had a proper mounting collar in the post the next day.

I have a fixed procedure when supplying Terminator. A comprehensive order form is submitted by the client which gives me all the dimensions I need to fit the customers deck. The only part that is not universal is the mounting column. In this case, Adam could have emailed me, or even submitted an order form. This would have ensured he had the correct parts which would have made fitting Terminator a complete no-brainer. Just one bolt through the existing armhole is all it takes!

I question HFW's rating system that it seems fit to award 4 globes to the Terminator….the same as it awarded the Evolution 2 years ago. Terminator is streets ahead in terms of performance & quality of finish, & the T3Pro (not available at time of review) is in another league.

At the end of the day, I take this review (& most others) with a pinch of salt. A more accurate representation of Terminators performance can be had by reading the numerous comments in my Clients Corner.

Note: Trans-fi Audio is in no way connected to 'Transfigurator'. This is a complete typo error by HFW.