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Here are the products featured from my good Italian friend, Stefano Buttafoco.

More details on his new website:

An electronics engineer by profession, his ALDEBARAN monoblock phone pre-amp is a no compromise original design.

He has also turned his expertise on the Denon DL-103. His modification transforms this modest MC  into a high-end perfomance product, & it compliments Terminator perfectly!

Latest addition is his Stereo to Mono summing device.

See details below:

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DL103 graphite body MK IV  cartridge

Now Available: Bodies sold separately without cartridge in carbon & wood!

Prices: Carbon.........................60EU

Wood: Root of Heather or Paduck...40EU

Contact me on facebook:


Download pdf file CLINAMEN graphite body MKIV.pdf

The modification that CLINAMENAUDIO carries out on the DL103 is a mechanical improvement. All the electrical specifications remain the same.



The only positive function the case performs is protection of the internal components! Other than that, its effect is detrimental to the sound. The volume of air trapped within the case acts as an acoustic chamber: the air is excited by the movement of the stylus causing internal resonance which adds distortion to the audio signal generated from the moving coil of the cartridge.


We remove the plastic cover & replace it with a CNC high-density isostatic graphite shell which converts any resonance into heat, dissipating them in an acoustically harmless way. The sound of the cartridge is totally transformed by this modification!


We are also working on an ebony version.








Phono Monoblock Preamplifier. Nickel output transformer


Download pdf file brochure.pdf








-Tubes: 1 x EZ81   1 x D3A   1 x E182CC    2 x OD3      1 x OC3

-Gain at 1KHz: 40 dB ( if more gain is needed, we can built ALDEBARAN in a 44 dB configuration)

-Output Residual Noise < 7mVolt RMS

-Input impedance :  47 Kohm, 250 pFarad

-Power Dissipation:


-Muting 1:10

-Accuracy RIAA curve: +/- 0.1 dB on the audio band



 High gm preamplifier

only two active triode stage.

Passive RIAA network.

 0 Feedback design.

Output Nickel core transformer.

 Vacuum tube rectifier (EZ81)

Double inductive filter for better high frequency ripple reduction.

 Stabilized anode voltage supply with gas-discharge Tube.

DC stabilized filament power supply




D3A FFT Analysis, Loading by RIAA Network:



       6Vpp                                                                         20Vpp



    50Vpp                                                                     100Vpp





E182CC FFT Analysis, 50 & 100 Vpp







Square wave response output E182CC, level 20Vpp



  1KHz                                                              10 KHz







   20 KHz








 Aldebaran Frequency response:




as you can see, the maximum shift from the RIAA curve is of  0.1dB






 Stefano Buttafoco



Stereo to Mono Summing Device

Download PDF file to mono sum device.pdf




This device combines the Right & Left stereo channels in a single mono channel without losing any information; a necessity for enthusiasts that enjoy listening in Monoaural mode.


Most summing devices are made using resistive techniques which causes a loss in dynamic response.


The CLINAMENDAUDIO device uses a Superpermalloy Transformer to sum the two channels into one.  This method maintains the correct balance without losing any of the dynamics!