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I am pleased to announce my association with Robert Bastani & his fabulous range of speakers:

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Having made a pair of Prometheuses with Gemini tweeters & 15" subs for my home setup, there is no going back to boxed-in speakers! I have kitted out my Demo Studio with a pair Standard Prom 12".

Anyone interested in savouring the Bastani experience is more than welcome to visit my home in Rushden, Northants. Please email me from the contact page to arrange a no obligation appointment.

 The Bastanis have been compared to quality Electrostatics, but with bass & 100db/Watt efficiency!

Prometheus Review

Atlas Review

Audio Club Review Review.doc

Pics of Prometheus 15" with Gemini Tweeter

Pics of Prometheus 12" with standard Tweeter

DIY Construction Details


The Mighty ATLAS! Here now!!!!


Bastani Neos

Bastani Mini Neo 15's

Bastani Monsters

Bastani Mini Monsters